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University Thursday 18th March 2004

Term 2 was over last Friday. Thankfully we don’t have lectures in term 3, but exams in April and my dissertation to finish 🙁 I’ve now got four weeks off for ‘easter’. Edinburgh’s definition of easter always makes me laugh, bearing absolutely no relation to the actual holiday.

I was planning my exam timetable today and worked out I have at least five days per module, which is fine (I hope). As long as I get started next Monday and don’t stop. After exams its gonna be a squeeze to get my project finished, I’ll do noubt end up doing bits and bobs inbetween revison.


One comment

  1. Easter!? you get an easter!?
    Teesside’s not letting us have one!
    Just handed my dissertation in… all 240 pages (x2)of it.. uuuurgh!

    get your butt into gear slacker! 😉