Exams Are Finito!

University Wednesday 11th June 2003

Well, had my last 3rd year exam today, and it was the worst of the lot. Oh well. By my calculations I’m still above the 4th year threshold, which is nice. Went to the pub immediately and then bought cans and sat out in the sun, which was very pleasant. We’re in the process of going out again tonight, slowly.

Oh and on another note, our group for the System Design Project got 72% which was joint top in the year. Big up the Innovex krew!



  1. Exmas are over WOOHOOOOOOOO
    Putcher feet up matey and have some time to yerself!
    Drinkin a beer for ya!

  2. If Group 10 made cars they’d be shit, but if they made robotic online shops they would win prizes 😛