News Sunday 1st June 2003

Nullsoft have developed a p2p app for small groups of people (10-50) that creates a network allowing file sharing, chat, searching etc. Seem quite cool stuff and its all ninja encrypted so no eavesdropping. Of course AOL/TimeWarner (their parent company) pulled the whole project two days after it went up. Can you guess why kids? Once something is on the net though its on the net:

mirror of the waste website 🙂


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  1. Hmmm… just installed lookks rather cool. Pulled the source too.. will try and compile on red hat and debian.
    Any one got any plans to operate with this device for testing? What settings are people operating with?

    Very interested in all this networking stuff that seems to be happening in ‘bruff…. shame I’m not up there participating – got too many servers in my bedroom!! Mmmmmmmmmm networks *drools*