Gulf War 2 : The Coalition Strikes Back

News Tuesday 8th April 2003

This gallery of posters showing reactions to the war is very good and has some very thought provoking designs.

On the subject of the war, I just can’t help notice how surreal the war is becoming. Its partly due to the amount of technology available to journalists, it allows them to report stories with such speed and to actually be there as it happens. I can now be sat on the sofa watching my countries soldiers, as they kill another countries soldiers with bewildering arrays of equipment and firepower. Then we get the reporters being killed or coming under fire, and even better, we get them being bombed by our side, live! on air! as it happens! (bbc news )

I had bbc news 24 on this morning as background noise and my attention was perked by a tour around one of Saddam’s palaces. Some bbc reporter was hamming it up very badly, thinking he was on house doctors or changing rooms or something. He skipped around this palatial building pointing out all the wood carving, marble and stained glass. Even checking out the bathrooms with the gold plate plumbing and making wild speculations about how much it cost and how many had died builiding it. The punchline came at the end though, when he ended it with:

“Who lives in a house like this……Saddam Hussein lives in a house like this”

I kid you not.

Winner of the day though is the Iraqi Information Minister. Who gave a impromtu press conference in the streets of Baghdad categoricaly denying that the US has entered Iraq, saying that the invader had been “slaughtered” and they were comitting suicide at the walls of the city. All this when US armour was less than half a mile away across the Tigras and the weapons fire within earshot. He is propaganda personified.


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