Anti-War March

Edinburgh Monday 31st March 2003

There was a huge (~8,000) anti-war march in Edinburgh on Saturday. Me and my man rick went out and pretended to be professional photographers, mincing about amongst the police vans and camera crews at the head of the procession. View my haul of pics here in the gallery.
No doubt Rick will develop his mountain of film and scan them in at some point, what with him being an SLR man.

Oh yeah, I also went into StarBucks for the first time on Friday. I thought I’d try one of these Frappuccino things everyone is always ranting about, and MY GOD they are sickly. I only got through about an eighth of the damn thing before I slung it in a bin.



  1. So much people oppose the war, yet it still goes on

  2. Helloooo… yeah I’ll get the pics thrown up at some point really soon.. 119 digital pics and 4 packs of SLR pics to scan… uuurgh.. but there’s some great ones in there. Could sell these things… now THERE’S and idea!

    Oh… and Starbucks RULES!

  3. I have finally found time to go out and buy a l33t scanner and 35mm slide scanner to get all my pictures onto my site.
    Those interested may find out why I’m worth hiring as a photographer at
    Those who aren’t interested in pictures probably won’t visit!