Strategy my arse

News Monday 3rd March 2003

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | ‘Six Iraqis die’ in US-UK raids

“aggressive shift in strategy”, riiiight.
War then. Do they think we are stupid?


One comment

  1. erm, yes?

    we’re gonna bomb them because they’ve got WMDs!!
    no, hold on, we’ll bomb them because they aren’t complying with 1441 quick enough!!
    wait, wait, we’ll bomb them because we’ve got some really shitty photos, badly translated phonecalls and Colin Powells urine sample. sorry Vial-of-Anthrax[TM].
    NO!! we’re bombing because they have links with terrorists!! yes, that’s it, terrorists!!
    ooh, ooh, I’ve got a good one (says one of the spin-doctors), we’re bombing them because it is our Moral-Obligation[TM] to do so!!!!!!!
    that’ll bring the public in line, there’ll be massive demonstrations FOR war now!!!!!
    ah, shit…………