Me,University Friday 15th November 2002

Hmm, well, 3rd year is “fun”.
You know, there were times last year when I was like “Oh, I can’t wait to get back to uni!”.
ha ha ha
How naive I was. Now I’ve got three deadlines on the same weekend and I’m not exactly loving it. Some of it is interesting, some is not. I can’t really complain though, its uni, you have work to do, you get deadlines. Although all my firends who have either graduated or dropped out have a good chuckle at my moaning.

Anyhoo, onto other things.

Lord Of The Rings : Special Edition


this is just the best dvd EVAR!
there is like six and a half hours of extras and then the film is 3 and a half hours with 4 commentaries. Madness, but good 🙂



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  1. /me has a good chuckle again