Me,Technology Saturday 20th October 2007

So I all moved into my new place. The move was pretty painless, mainly thanks to the help of my Mum and Dad who came up for the weekend. My Dad drove a van we had hired and we got everything shifted fin two trips. Got my ADSL from Be activated within about four days and after some firmware updating shenanigans with the modem I’m all up and rocking. I did manage to trash my desktop PC in the moving process though, so I’m taking it as an excuse to upgrade to an uber-rig. I’m getting a dual core Pentium and 2 gigs of RAM (which is crazy cheap at the moment). Check out some quick snaps I took of my new place on flickr.



  1. Congrats on your Causewayside flat, looks good on Flickr:) x

  2. Congrats mate, flat looks uber nice. Shame about the PC, but at least you can do some nice upgrading and have a fresh start! Very nice view from the window… I shall have to visit!

  3. Looks pretty sweet man 🙂

  4. Lovely looking place Olly. Welcome to the Be fold. What speeds do you get (epeen++)?

  5. Solid 8MB baby! (I’m only on Be Value)

  6. Looks good dood, you living on your own? You totally need a new rig man!! *cough*

  7. Very white. Very William Gibson. Congrats on a successful move, but sorry to hear about the reason for it.

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