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Belleville Rendezvous

Movies & TV Friday 26th December 2003

was very, very good.


Two Towers : gogo Extended!

Movies & TV Monday 17th November 2003

Watched the new cut of the Two Towers the other night with Kerry. Better than I remembered, and the new bits give you some nice Boromir back story and stay more faithful to the book in places. The Ents trashing Isengard is still a fantastic scene and reminds you of the power of nature of industry (nice oneTolkien). On the whole, very enjoyable, I’ll be asking for the DVD for christmas .


Spirited Away

Movies & TV Tuesday 16th September 2003
We went to see the fantastic Spirited Away on friday night with Kerry, Ian and Alex at the Cameo. They were showing the dub and the subbed versions at different times and of course we went for the sub-titled version. So much better when you can hear the original tone and inclinations.

Well, Awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, original and completely dreamy are just some of the words that spring to mind. Go see it, now. Unfortunately its only on limited release but Edinburgh has a splendiforous selection of indepedent cinemas.

I’ll let Alex gush some more.


Top 100 Movies

Movies & TV Wednesday 28th May 2003

In a move completely ripping off tef, I’ve gone through imdb’s top 100 movies list to see which I’ve seen. Exam procrastination ahoy!
read on…


Matrix Reloaded

Movies & TV Thursday 22nd May 2003

Saw the film last night, here is my opinion of it (spoilers)
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Matrix Reloaded

Movies & TV Thursday 15th May 2003

Oh yes, I think we do have tickets already. Wednesday 8:20 pm will roXor.


Rules Of Attraction

Movies & TV Sunday 11th May 2003

Watched this last night, was kinda like a dark American Pie with some Memento-like reverse plot jiggery-pokery. That is all.


Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Movies & TV Monday 31st March 2003

Watched this new Clooney film the other night and its not bad, not really what I was expecting though. Starring and directed by the Clooney-meister it tells the story of some game show writer/creator from the US who also claimed to be a hit man for the CIA. The guy travelled around europe with the winners of his gameshows, assasinating people on the side. Not the usual holywood muck, Clooney certainly knows how to pick ’em. It would have probably helped the story a bit more if you knew all these american game shows they were on about.


War Films

Movies & TV Tuesday 25th March 2003

I had the urge to watch Full Metal Jacket last night, so I did. It was good.

“Ain’t war hell!”



Movie Madness : The Return

Movies & TV Monday 3rd March 2003

Just remembered a few other things we have watched:

Changing Lanes

Average, average, average thing with Samuel L Jackson and Ben Affleck as two guys trying to p*ss each other off as much as possible after they have a minor car accident. Rather pedestrian tat really.

and something else that I can’t remember…


Movie Madness

Movies & TV Saturday 1st March 2003

Over the last week I seem to have watched a lot of movies, heres a quick run down.

American Psycho

Had this kicking around and finally watched it. Very messed up and with a delicously wicked sense of humour. Christian Bale puts in a fine performance as the 80s businessman/psychotic serial killer who just seems to completely lose control. The end does leave you stroking your chin though, makes me want to read the book…


A lot grittier than I was expecting, this isn’t Bad Boys 2. It follows two washed-up detectives as they look into the death of an undercover officer. The opening sequence realy grabs your attention, dropping you in at the deep end. Not the happiest film in the world, but it has its surprises. Its also good to see a (slightly chubby) Ray Liotta in a decent role, as he seems to do very little these days.

Harry Potter 2

Ok, ok its not just for children. I was pleasantly surprised with the first film, its a cracking good fantasy film. The 2nd is probably not as good but still has the dark edge, superb special effects and annoying child acting. Excellent comedy performance by Kenneth Branagh as ‘Gilderoy Lockhart’ the big-headed celebrity ‘magician’. If I was 10 though I think I would have trouble following the plot. There were quite a few leaps and bounds, which if you haven’t read the book (I know, I know, its on the list of doom) can be a bit jumpy.

25th Hour

This is the cat among the pigeons, directed by Spike Lee and starring Ed Norton. Norton is a drug dealer about to spend a long stretch in prison and wants to have one last night out with this friends. Over the ’25 hours’ he realises how much of his life he has thrown away and basically how much he has screwed-up. Spike Lee somehow crowbars in a load of 9/11 stuff that in my opinion doesn’t quite sit right, just a bit too much american chest-beating. But, on the upside, Norton has a brilliant f**k-you speech where he confronts himself in a bathroom mirror, one of the highlights of the film. The end of the film is also quite crafty and really has you going for a minute…



Movies & TV Thursday 27th February 2003

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Hit drama 24 gets third series


Very Good

Movies & TV Tuesday 11th February 2003


Matrix Gossip

Movies & TV Sunday 2nd February 2003

IGN is reporting that Warner are releasing a uber-nifty 2 disc re-edit of the matrix on April 29th. The animatrix is also now due out on 3rd of June. Good stuff.


Royal Tenenbaums

Movies & TV Sunday 2nd February 2003

Watched it last night, mucho good. Afterwards realised if was by Wes Anderson who did Rushmore (which is also good). I just love the visual style of the film and the faded New York Grandeur. Soundtrack is win.

anyhoo, off to work!


The Two Towers

Movies & TV Thursday 19th December 2002

First Impression
Very Good, as good as Fellowship.
Superb battles and follows both story threads nicely.
Also, Gollum was done very well, very nicely animated and you started to forget he was a CG character. A different league to Jarr Jarr Binks.

Good Things
Gollum voice acting
Helms Deep (good explosion).
Ents attacking Isengard
Siege of Helms Deep
Gimli comedy, slightly overdone
They kept the Gimli/Legolas counting orcs scene

Not So Good Things
Elrond was far too nasty and non-elvish
Too many Arwen & Aragorn smoochy scenes
Too many scenes of scared children
Oh come on! Aragorn and Gimli aren’t that good
Elves at Helms Deep?
Rohan people didn’t seem that ‘great’