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Flickr API Integration

Meta,Technology Saturday 16th July 2005

So I did that Flickr thing I was muttering about. The pictures area now has a flickr section which shows my photo sets from flickr. I’ve only got one up there at the moment but it’s pretty neat.


Funny Search Terms Of The Month : June

Stats Highlights Friday 15th July 2005

Here you go:

  • crotch shot – err, ok
  • selkirk common riding and selkirk common riding 2005 – woo, popular
  • drunk – me? never!

(If you’re wondering what the heck these are, click below)
read on…


Gallery Upgrades

Me,Meta,Photography,Technology Sunday 12th June 2005

I’ve posted my photos from Rick & Rach’s wedding in the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

The gallery has been having a bit of a scrub lately. Using some mod-rewrite dark magic I’ve made the URLs much nicer and easier to read. Instead of having:


we now have:


A vast improvement!

The other main change is now when viewing a gallery the page is much simpler. Before I had things like: the image size, resolution, data and the filename. People won’t actually care about those things! All they want is to see all the images and maybe click on one to see a larger version. Working on customer facing e-commerce stuff has taught me a lot about removing barriers to navigation and generally making a users life easier. I figured it’s time I implemented some of it around here.



Meta Thursday 26th May 2005

I submitted the site for inclusion in dmoz months ago. I’ve done this one or two times before and usually nothing happens; no inclusion, no email nothing. But this time I actually got in! Along with the 8 gatrillion other people in the “Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/Weblogs/Personal/” category of course. Behold.


Mmm, upgrades

Meta Wednesday 18th May 2005

I just updated the site to WordPress 1.5.1 and being the numpty that I am lost all my images and themes. Stupid ‘replace’ and ‘merge’ buttons in ftp client….

Anyway, I dug through the backups and manged to extract all the bits I lost. All should be good now. If you spy any problems leave me a comment here.


Look! A Cloud

Meta Thursday 21st April 2005

Totally jumping on the bandwagon I’ve coded up a tag cloud.


Footer Fixing

Me,Meta Monday 21st March 2005

I finally fixed up the footer over the weekend to display properly in IE & Safari. It had been bugging me for a while but displayed perfectly in everything else. Giving the right footer div a width property seemed to fix it. For some reason IE & Safari were collapsing it down to the width of the link images.

I also managed to fit in a ton of work on the GameSoc re-design. It’s all top secret at the moment but I’m sure I’ll be blabbing about it once it’s finished 🙂



Meta Monday 14th March 2005

Yay, I’ve been spidered by the XFN bot thing: ( that I set up last week.


XHTML Friends Network

Meta,Technology Wednesday 9th March 2005

No, its not a support group for lonely web designers. Well, maybe it is now that I think about it. Inspired by Matt I’ve put relationships on my “friends” links to comply with the xfn guidelines. This enables links to be mapped between sites and divided into classes depending on the relationship given. Funky stuff.



Meta Tuesday 8th March 2005

I’ve decided to enable Gravatars on my blog comments to give the “commentees” a bit more of an identity. Gravatars are basically avatars that are tied to your email address. When you comment on a blog using your Gravatar enabled email address an image of your choice will show up next to your comment representing you. I think it’s quite neat and helps to make discussion a bit livelier.