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Meta Wednesday 15th January 2003

I was looking back through my webstats and picked out some of the ‘funnier’ search strings:

authority or grouped or flask or islets or junky
christmas rants
edinburgh cowgate fire pictures
dumb jpg
clicking or negotiate or recital or calory or junky
eighthes or junky or ejaculated or pernicious or dissipating
protecting or instants or acquainting or eyeglasses or junky
leet hacker

both funny and worrying.



Meta Wednesday 8th January 2003

Yeah, so I had this brilliant idea.

“I know, I’ll compile a list of all the people in Edinburgh who keep blogs. Yeah, that’ll be pretty easy.”

There are about 10 blogs I know of and about 3 trillion on live journal. I don’t want to sort through all those mofos. Maybe I’ll just do a list of ‘People in Edinburgh I know, and keep blogs’ or something.

But anyway, this is all tactics to avoid doing uni work.


Found some random pictures of me on a mates site that he’s finally indexed and stuff.

Oh yeah and I keep typing ‘just’ as ‘jsut’, rather annoying.


We have a cunning plan…

Meta Saturday 30th November 2002


me alex, ian and matthew have a very cunning plan.
We’re gonna share a reseller account on dataflame and then just ‘sell’ each other a web site. This then leaves us infinity-4 domains left, and 5 gigs of space, and 75 gigs of transfer.



More Blog Functionality

Meta Saturday 16th November 2002

The main blog page now has added niftiness. There are links to filter by category, and also quick links to the archives and the alternate feeds.



New Pictures

Meta Wednesday 31st July 2002

Ok, so I went to the Royal Museum the other day and went picture crazy. Its the place to be on a hot day though, they must have some killer air-conditioning.
Anyway, a few selected pictures are up in the gallery. Hope you like them



Meta Saturday 20th July 2002

Hi there, welcome to my new blog. Now powered by moveabletype!