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End is in sight

University Thursday 11th March 2004

Had my last lecture (possibly) ever this morning. Double HCI, which was not that fun. The end of my education draws nearer….

updates coming soon



University Monday 1st March 2004

Slept like an absolute log last night, I was shattered. Back at my place now, which was a good plan as we had a HMO inspection that everyone seemed to have forgotten about…..

Look like we need new firedoors or something, and a skylight opening stick. woo

I’ve just realised that there is only a fortnight left of term, and I have three handins due and a 10 page project (dissertation) report due. Time to stop slacking methinks…



University Thursday 5th February 2004

I had a project presentation yesterday at uni. We have to give these from time to time to show “progress” on our dissertation project. It went pretty well, I was using my supervisor’s mac laptop to demo my stuff and the wi-fi kept cutting out. This was quite handy though as I could just explain what should have happened rather than actually showing them (bugs included). I got the comments back from my supervisor and I’m supposedly ahead of schedule! wow!


And so it ends..

University Friday 12th December 2003

Well, term has ended for christmas. Got all my work handed in at the last minute (of course). I’m looking forward to a good xmas at home with food, presents and good company. Tonight I’m out celebrating with the lads but tomorrow I shall xmas shop.



University Tuesday 4th November 2003

Well, university is finally hotting up. Technical report due in on Friday, fancy anti-aliased line drawing practical a week after that and I’ve got to start my major project (dissertation) and get stuck into the practical module I’m doing.


Back To School

University Tuesday 7th October 2003

Started back at university yesterday, finally into fourth year! woo-hoo! Yesterday and today were all introduction lectures where we get a chance to choose which modules to take. At the moment it looks like I’ll be doing:

Term 1

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Graphics
  • System Level Integration Project

Term 2

  • Computer Security
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Visualisation

…and amongst all that I’ve got to do my dissertation/project !



University Sunday 22nd June 2003

Colleague At Work : What is you do at university again Olly?

Me : Computer Science *sigh*

Colleague : Oh, hrm, I thought you did something more, erm, interesting…

I think that was a compliment…


Exams Are Finito!

University Wednesday 11th June 2003

Well, had my last 3rd year exam today, and it was the worst of the lot. Oh well. By my calculations I’m still above the 4th year threshold, which is nice. Went to the pub immediately and then bought cans and sat out in the sun, which was very pleasant. We’re in the process of going out again tonight, slowly.

Oh and on another note, our group for the System Design Project got 72% which was joint top in the year. Big up the Innovex krew!


Exams : Redux

University Tuesday 10th June 2003

Two to go, one this afternoon and one tomorrow morning. The end is in sight!



University Saturday 7th June 2003

Three left, monday, tuesday and wednedsay morning. I can’t wait.