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Online Collaborative Document Management Framework…

University Wednesday 12th May 2004

…is the overly elaborate title of my final year project and hence what my dissertation is about. Not many updates recently as it is due in on the 26th. Yikes!


I Could Kiss You

University Wednesday 5th May 2004

This project has saved my final year project from a lot of complications. This Richard Bergmair chap has taken wordnet from its normal storage method and converted it all into mysql/postgres compatible stuff. Now, I simply create a new tables, download the data and wham. Instant lexical/semantic database. I’ve a feeling I’m killing the university database server though, queries are getting very slow. But, I guess they will be on tables with ~140,000 rows :).


All Done!!

University Tuesday 27th April 2004

Yes! Woo-hoo! Yeehaaaa!! Thats Computer Graphics thoroughly ninja-ed. Two pints later in the Pear Tree and I was feeling quite sloshed. Went with Kerry whilst she got her piercings put back in (ouch) and then went and got my hair cut! ye gods! my powers! My head does feel quite lighter now…and cooler.


One Left!

University Friday 23rd April 2004

Yep, had my Visualisation exam this morning. It was so-so, not great and kinda hard to tell how I actually did. Again, it was a very wordy, waffly one. Just one exam left now, Computer Graphics which is most definetly not going to be waffley. Its going to be bl**dy hard!


Two To Go

University Wednesday 21st April 2004

I had more exam shenanigans this morning. Computer Networking was on the menu for 10am. I felt pretty confident for this one, I had remembered loads of useless stuff that I’ll never, ever need again. The lecturer though, had other ideas. He obviously read my mind just before the exam and all the questions were on things that I hadn’t revised. Marvellous! Plus, all the questions were waffley tat, which normally I love, but for this I had actually learnt the details. But he didn’t want them! Arg! Oh well, I wasn’t going to get a first anyway…


Two Down, Three To Go

University Thursday 15th April 2004

ahhhhh, Computer Security out of the way. It wasn’t great, but then it wasn’t disasterously bad either. Lots of people seem to be kicking up a fuss about the difficulty of one question though.


One Down, Four To Go

University Wednesday 14th April 2004

I had my first exam yesterday, these are my final degree exams so they’re pretty scary. It was probably my easiest module though and went pretty well, atleast 60% I would say. The exam is one of the ‘choose 2 of the following 3’ types and I bricked it when I saw the first question, I didn’t have a clue. Thankfully questions two and three were much nicer and I hardly stopped writing for the hour and a half


My view the last few days

University Monday 5th April 2004



Dead Mouse Found In Printer

University Monday 5th April 2004

I kid you not, working in Appleton Tower this afternoon. Someone discovered a dead mouse on the top of the laser printer, in the paper output tray. I suspect it went through the rollers.


la la la

University Thursday 18th March 2004

Term 2 was over last Friday. Thankfully we don’t have lectures in term 3, but exams in April and my dissertation to finish 🙁 I’ve now got four weeks off for ‘easter’. Edinburgh’s definition of easter always makes me laugh, bearing absolutely no relation to the actual holiday.

I was planning my exam timetable today and worked out I have at least five days per module, which is fine (I hope). As long as I get started next Monday and don’t stop. After exams its gonna be a squeeze to get my project finished, I’ll do noubt end up doing bits and bobs inbetween revison.