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BMX-Bandits Gig

Music Saturday 5th June 2004

Went to see the bmx-bandits in Cabaret Voltaire with Kerry on Wednesday night. She is a huge fan and it was a really nice small gig. I haven’t heard much of their stuff but all the songs were pretty good, expecially the actions to go with them :). The venue wasn’t too crowded and had a good mix of people. Free posters on the way out aswell!

The picture to the left is the best my ass-tastic camera phone could do in the low light. Thats the main guy douglas singing in the middle..


Woo! First festival Thing!

Music Thursday 18th March 2004

Kerry and I are going to T in the park in July \o/


2 many djs

Music Saturday 28th February 2004

Went to see 2 many djs (aka soulwax) on Friday night with alex. Then venue was City Nightclub, some new fancy-pants place under North Bridge. It was a very nice venue if a little over-sold. The dance floor was getting rather cramped and rock-concert like at times. The support guy (Erol Alkan) was actually just as good as soulwax, they did a good set but it was more like an ordinary dance music set than a kerazy-mad-soulwax set. That was a little dissapointing but they had some brilliant moments such as managing to fit in Stone Roses and Nirvana, which the crowd loved. The only downside was at then end when the cloakroom staff managed to misplace alex’s jumper which meant we had to wait for 30 odd minutes, even though we can see it! This drove us nuts, as we were totally knackered. Good night in all though, and I saw loads of people from computer science, bizzarely.


Strongbad Sings!

Music Monday 8th December 2003

This is really rather good, much better than I was expecting. If you’re not a fan of home star runner you probably won’t “get it”.


I suck

Music Sunday 16th November 2003

Yes, I suck. Managed to miss Cut Chemist by completely forgetting about it until we were already out, slightly inebriated and it was too late. gah!


Cut Chemist

Music Monday 27th October 2003

Cut Chemist is playing at Honeycomb in Edinburgh!!
Cut Chemist does most of Jurassic 5’s turntable wizardry and producers lots of their stuff. He also teamed up with DJ Shadow to do the infamous Product Placement mix cd and the genius that is BrainFreeze. In other words, rather good on the ones and twos.


Jurassic Five

Music Wednesday 30th July 2003

These guys are just da bomb. Such good lyrics and beats, I must listen to Quality Control almost every day when I get in from work. Great pickmeup.

(If I could figure out how allmusic does its searches I would link more stuff up….)


Chilled Listening

Music Wednesday 30th July 2003

My main man John has being showing off his skillz on the decks with the release of an album length progressive house mix. You’ll have to jump onto soulseek to get it, contact him (or me) for more info.


Ahead of the pack

Music Saturday 8th March 2003

People in the UK may have seen the kerazy Junior Senior song that entered the charts at number 4 this week. Rather fine it is to, although the severe Radio 1 pimpage it got did no harm I’m sure. Anyhoooo, I linked to the vdeo last September. Ahead of the curve/pack/thing I am!
Stay tuned batfans!



Music Monday 3rd March 2003


Yes, me and Alex went to the see the fantastically good LemonJelly on Sunday evening at Edinburgh’s Queens Hall. We turned up half an hour early and someone pushed ourselves (accidently) to the start of the queue, which was nice. There was the usual ticket tout trying incredibly hard to get ‘spare’ tickets off everyone in the queue, we declined.
Once we got in we were given a goody bag and a bingo card, you just knew it was gonna be good from then on 🙂
The warm-up act was “lemon jelly bingo” introduced (extremely cheesily) my Mr Fred Deakin and featuring all the usual bingo paraphenalia. The prizes were pretty good, loads of lemonjelly merchandise, along with some monstrous posters that would have looked uber-nice on my wall 🙂
Anyway, we didn’t win anything. After the bingo they put on some 80s-early 90s cheese for 30 mins of so and then started the show with Space Walk off the new album. They had loads of mirror balls which gave a brilliant space effect.

I was wondering how they were going to do their stuff ‘live’ and was hoping they won’t going to chicken out and be lame. They certainly weren’t 🙂
Basically they would have the (pumped up) beat going in the background, then Nick would play acoustic or electric guitar and Fred would dive around between his electric cello, scratch mixer/decks and the effects machine of doom. It was fun to watch and a pleasure to listen to.

On stage they had:

Electro-Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Electric Cello
Korg Synth thing
Big Bongo drums
Decks and Mixer
Electric Drum Kit
and Percussion stuff – symbals, cowbells etc

and this was for two guys 🙂 and there was probably loads of bits we couldn’t see.

Oh and the stage lighting was brilliant. They had these vertical standing LED strip things that had green, blue, red and white colours. These were very bright and were a nice suprise when they first used them. Along with the LED strips they had these vertical tubes that could seemingly change colour in patterns, it was very purty.

Drinks were reasonbly priced and their tees were on sale for a reasoanble £18, I wish I’d got one now. Although in the goody bag we did get a couple of postcards, balloon, badge and a pencil (marked: Lemon Jelly Doodle Machine). Of course, everyone blew-up their balloons immediately and so the main dance floor was a sea of people trying to dance and simultaneously keep 30 balloons in the air. It was a nice site.

All in all, a very good night.

edit: oh and while we were in the queue a guy asked alex (not me) if we had any hash. Bloody students…