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Beasties Live

Me,Music Friday 10th December 2004

Last Saturday Kerry and I went to see the Beastie Boys live at the SECC in Glasgow. First time I’d seen them and the first time I’d been the SECC. The gig was amazing, we had a good spot quite near the front and managed to avoid the drunken beer-throwing and crushing that went on in the middle. They started with a huge screen showing what was happening back-stage. Some roadies were wheeling a big case up to the stage, smiling and slapping and pointing at it. They brought it up the stage, opened it and Mixmaster Mike jumped out and lept up to the DJ booth. He then did some amazing turntablist trickery for a bit including the “5-4-3-2-1” countdown from Thunderbirds (genius) and then the Beasties came jumping on to the stage in matching adidas tracksuits. It was a great show starting with them doing their “3 MCs and 1 DJ” style stuff. Then they went off the stage leaving Mike in the DJ booth. Then the booth disappeared backwards and a huge stage/float thing was wheeled around from the back with a whole band on it, plus the Beasties all in really bad suits. They then did a few of their more instrumental tracks before the stage did some more trickey and reverted back to DJ booth/dancing space. Amazing night in all, even though it took us 3 hours to get home.

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Beas-tie Boys!

Music Monday 18th October 2004

Many, many thanks to James and his excellent Ripped Tickets service for letting me know that Beastie Boys tickets for Glasgow were going to be released. I didn’t even know there was a Glasgow gig! I quickly checked the Beasties site and saw there was a ‘fans only’ link through to ticketweb where you could buy them online. Two days before they went on general sale! I snatched two tickets up sharp-ish as the London tickets sold out in less than 24 hours. Kerry and I have been wanting to see them live for a while, it’s gonna roXor 🙂


Triple Trouble

Music Monday 13th September 2004

The Beasties have a new single out: ‘Triple Trouble’. It uses the hook from Rappers Delight and is just superb. As usual they also have a hilarious video that just has to be seen.


Vocal Chemistry Makes It Sound So Sweet

Music Sunday 5th September 2004

J 5 inna hizzy!
Went to see Jurassic 5 at the Corn Exchange last Wednesday, I’ve basically been too slack to blog it so far. They were pretty awesome. I’ve never really seen any big hip-hop/raps acts live before so it was a lot of fun. The crowd were totally up for it, lots of hands in the air, bigging it up. They did all the faves and actually interacted with the crowd loads. It seemed liked they actually gave a crap about us, the audience. Which was nice.
Of course, I had to buy one of their sweet t-shirts while I was there. Cheaper than buying them from their online shop aswell 🙂


More New Music

Music Wednesday 1st September 2004

Green Day also seem to have a new album out. There’s new stuff coming out all over the place at the moment. I noticed that they also picked up a life-time achievement type thing at the Kerang awards the other week.


New From The Old

Music Tuesday 24th August 2004

I’ve been hearing some good things about the new prodigy album. I’ve caught bits of the single on radio1 and it sounds pretty darn good. Think I may have to pick it up once pay day comes around.
Fatboyslim also seems to have a new single out which is the usual much repeated sample thing. It’s kinda annoying at first but I’m sure it will grow on me as most of his stuff does.


Power In Quality Control

Music Wednesday 21st July 2004

Jurassic 5 are on at T On The Fringe on the 1st September. I discovered these guys last year and it was one of those moments when you wonder how you couldn’t have know about them already. If you know what I mean…


T In The Park Report

Music Monday 12th July 2004

Oh man, that rocked my socks off. Highlight of the weekend has to Orbital live on the Sunday night. They played all the favourites including Halcyon And On And On, with new Darkness remix action! Their kick-ass Dr Who theme remix was in there aswell. I had to go see it on my own which was cool as everyone else was seeing The Pixies on the main stage. It all seemed pretty well organised, no troubles getting in or anything. Had to queue a while at the bus station in Edinburgh but even there they had loads of staff on-hand. Other people who rocked were: Black Eyes Peas, Faithless (uber rocked), Electric Six. Lots of folk on the Sunday clashed and on the Saturday the main stuff I wanted to see was in the Slam tent which was ridiculously under-sized and therefore always full. It completely filled up for Basment Jaxx, Felix Da Housecat, Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada, which sucked. Now, on with the ass-tastic camera-phone photos:

Told you they were good…


Sup d00ders!

Music Sunday 11th July 2004

Hey everybody! Just eaten a very nice pie with mash and peas, mmmmmmmm. Just a quick blog from the virgin tent-thing here at t in the park. Laters!


T In The Park

Music Saturday 10th July 2004

Toot! toot! T in the park today tody and tomorrow! Need to get ready soon or we’ll be a bit late…